Any Help Is Welcome

The work on AOS projects is all benevolant and volunteer effort. Depending on your profile, you might be able to help us build those tools to make them more useful:

I am a Technical/Developer/Programmer (Web or not)

You can help us A LOT on the technical side. We really need contributions. Please check our development website :
You can begin by reading what you can do on this page.


I am an Author/Artist/User

  • Give us feedback : once a first “useful” version of AOS Designer is released, you will be able to report problems in our forum. Also feel free to give us your suggestions and other feedbacks on the (future) forum.
  • Create something with our tools (once released…) : we need “killer demos” to show to the world what we can do with this technologies. You can experiment the limits of what’s possible with the tools or event just try to make the best narrative ever. Both are very helpful and will also make more people try to help this project.
  • Donations : at the time I’m writing this this is a one-man team effort, done on spare time, with an old desktop computer which “speed” is not helpful anymore. Also this website is hosted on my private server that I may every month. Any help on hardware, hosting fees and in time as money donation (or not) is very helpful.