AOS Designer

AOS Designer (AOSD) is a visual editor for digital story-telling.

As all AOS projects, it’s open-source and free of charge (MIT license), which mean anyone can use it, make it better or build another better editor based on it. It is cross-platform: we want to provide it to you on different Windows versions, MacOSX and popular Linux distributions (like Ubuntu).



(this is a work-in-progress picture, the published versions will be prettier)

It works using AOSL to represent and manipulate digital stories, showing them visually to you. It’s designed to let you structure your story however you want, using place-holders if you want, like a comics story-board. Then it will let you replace the objects of your story with resources you made using other tools, like beautiful images edited in Photoshop, InkSkape, or sounds or videos edited into other tools.

AOSD don’t need you to have any programming skill. It will exploit the procedural nature of computer for you just by using AOSL which is designed with computer and software in mind.

Once your story is finished, you will be able to export it into another format to publish it. AOSD works hand in hand with exporters to help you publish any story to a maximum of platforms and players, most of the time with no modification of the story.

One important goal of the design of AOSD is also to power authors to make born-digital stories in an efficient way. Efforts are being put in to make it easy to use, fast, responsive and adapt quickly to authors needs.


Currently, no stable version of AOSD have been published yet, it’s still a work-in-progress. If you are interested in using it, there will be an announce on the blog once a first version is usable, so you can use rss flux to be notified.

If you want to help on it’s development, or just use it as a base for other tools, check the development website.

How to use it

Documentation will be provided with the initial release. Hopefully, it will also be designed so that you can easily grasp how it works quickly, as it’s one of it’s goals.