Progress Report 2013/07/20

A quick progress-report before diving back in code!
As always, keep in mind that I’m looking for participation in the developments of AOS projects, in particular AOS Designer.


Work In Progress: AOS Designer

Here is a quote from this week-end article about working on AOS Designer:

As it was planned I worked a bit more than a month, full-time, making the fundamental changes needed to make the code base both easier to work with and more useful. Unfortunately, in the limited time I allocated to work on this full-time, I managed to achieve only around 60-70% of the changes I wanted to make. In the first week of July I had to switch back to ‘spare-time development’ which just mean the development speed that was the norm before.

Still, it’s a major improvement. Having achieved so much makes a first release closer than before. I’m not sure yet if the first release can be published before next year -which is the current objective-, but I believe it is possible and more probable than before. [...]

The series of article “Rebuilding AOS Designer” will give more details about the kind of work needed to build AOS Designer until the first release.

New Forum

The new forum is ready and usable:

We have some custom icons, thanks to Lauris Stephani. But more importantly, it’s stable, well designed and efficient (even if it’s still in beta!).

I took the time to install it first to have a place to post information that, ideally, should be openly discussed; but also to allow anyone to ask questions for clarification or questioning some points. I also expect in a few months more people to try some released work and the forum will be the place where you post your feedback. The forum will also host technical discussions that were previously done on the Google Group mailing list.

In any way, feel free to use the forum as you see appropriate.

Work In Progress: AOSL 2.0

Work on AOSL 2.0, the improved version of our universal format, officially began few weeks ago. I had some strong thinking and research on the subject for a year now so it’s more like I began to write it somewhere officially.

The goals are :

  1. to fix some issues from v1.0 ;
  2. to add some missing possibilities that were pointed by digital publishing companies I am discussing with;
  3. have some real documentation of how the format works;
  4. maybe (it’s not certain yet) adding some more experimental features that should unlock some possibilities that computer offer us, while keeping the format simple;

I started a discussion on the forum about the specific features. Feel free to post there to ask questions or point potential problems!
You can follow the documents and code changes on the AOSL GitHub repository, in the ‘feature/AOSL-2.0′ branch. Actually you can see in the history that I already did some fixes.


That’s all for now, stay tuned!