AOS Web Player – Progress!

Being able to work almost full time on Art Of Sequence in the last weeks is paying off. As evoked in the precedent post, I recently started work on the implementation of the web player, AOS Web Player or AOSWP.

The basic idea is to have a simple JavaScript library that would just take the url of an AOSL file as input and an HTML div to fill in with the player, then load and interpret the sequence file, load the resources used and display the sequence in the web page. Simple in theory, yet AOSL is made in a way to unleash a lot of possibilities that are specific to digital platforms thus making the implementation having to manage a general case that is a bit more complex than with a timeline.

After some heavy hackery-hacks, I managed to get the player to read a very simple sequence that only show and hide a simple image. The sequence can have branches or loops, it just work. Still a lot to do before making it useful, but the basic concept of AOSL is now proven to work.

I am very far from being a JavaScript expert, so the code is a badly organized (to me at least) and it lacks a lot of features and tests. Here is a screenshot of an extremely simple demo I’m using to test features:

That…don’t look very sexy…yet.

However it works. What is needed now is to build a demo of this work, that would be a bit more “demonstrative” and sexy. Both completing the player feature and building this demo might take some time because I’m getting back to France next week and from there I will only be able to work on AOS about 1/3 of my work time.

Once a first demo will be visible online, i hope to gather some people to work on this and make it good enough for general use, in combination with AOS Designer edition tool.

For developers who want to take an early look at the code (and maybe help with patches or at least code reviews) can find my work in this repository (in the branch named ‘wip_aoswp’): This will be merged soon in the main repository ( ).

I have some ideas for the demo, including allowing the testers to change AOSL code on the fly and see the impact of their changes. However, the main feature would be to provide meaningful sequences that show the features in an efficient (and fun, and sexy) way.

Stay tuned!