Welcome to the Art Of Sequence project website!

Hi, my name is Joël (aka Klaim) and this is the first official post about this project on this brand new website.

(I made this logo, please be indulgent…)

As a short introduction, I’m the main and unique developer of this huge project and I decided to pause the project development for some time to setup this website and some other documentations. My current objective is to allow people to take knowledge of this project and ease participation and contributions.

As I just said, it is a huge project, or if you prefer a huge set of projects. I’ve been able to explain it’s purpose and design to some people in live sessions, even to not-technical people, but it has always been hard and time-consuming to explain it to people online.

With more than 2 years of development (more than 1year on designing AOSL and the rest on coding, architecture and design), this project is now getting close to a state where the bases are set and people can begin to contribute to it. This project needs contributors because a lot of work can be done in parallel in the different sub-projects, by a wide variety of kind of people (authors, UI designers, programmers, etc.)

That’s the first reason I set up this website. I really need some help to work on every fronts of the projects because 1 man cannot multitask enough to make it happen. However, before people are able to help, they need to understand the project, it’s goals and it’s design. A full human-friendly description of the project was needed, so here it is.

The other reason is that I tend to work in sub-marine mode with this project, and that’s a bit problematic for communication. From now on, I’ll update this website with news about the development, the current state of the project (next post) and heads up regarding related subjects (like Turbo-Media and other experimental webcomics).

The first thing you can do right now to help this project is to read all the pages and comment on them: tell me what you don’t understand, what is not english (I’m not a native english speaker), what would be helpful to describe, any feedback that would make this website helpful and engaging.

Also, I’ve choosen to not bother with graphic themes for the beginning of this website. WordPress themes configuration are so time-consuming that I prefer you to help me make this website more engaging.

Thanks for reading so far, and long live to Art Of Sequence project! :)

PS: the montage in the header image is made of parts of Balak’s initial Turbo-Media that inspired this whole project.