Monthly Archives: January 2012

Status Report #1

Today I’m exposing to you the current state of the work done on the different AOS sub-projects. Keep in mind that even if lot of code and docs have been written, this is still work in progress that should get us to something usable in a not so far future. To this day the development is a one-man-army effort but I hope that contributions will come to help soon.

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Welcome to the Art Of Sequence project website!

Hi, my name is Joël (aka Klaim) and this is the first official post about this project on this brand new website.

(I made this logo, please be indulgent…)

As a short introduction, I’m the main and unique developer of this huge project and I decided to pause the project development for some time to setup this website and some other documentations. My current objective is to allow people to take knowledge of this project and ease participation and contributions.

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