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Full Steam Ahead

The past months have been very slow for Art Of Sequence projects.
My move to Japan and hard work learning japanese and dayjob mad almost impossible to do more than (important) documentation to help other interested people help me.

Fortunately for me, as evoked on my personal blog, things have radically changed last week and I am now able to work on AOS as much as I want for some time. Actually, I’ve been working on fixing some problems with AOSL (with the helpful review of one of my skilled friends)  and a new draft, slightly simplified compared to the previous ones, of AOSL 1.0 is now almost ready. As I’ve been working on my laptop the whole time in an isolated repository, I didn’t upload the changes yet but it will come very soon.

I cannot promise to work on AOS full time from now on as I have other game projects I need to start or continue next month when I’ll get back to France, but I’ll spend most of my time working on AOS until then. I still plan to spend a lot of time on AOS, just less than now.

Other than fixing AOSL 1.0., the plan is as follow:

  • modify the website to present an example sequence on the front page (more on this later)
  • finish the human-readable documentation that explain how the AOSL format works
  • write AOS Web Player 0.1. that would be used in both previous points
  • continue work on AOS Designer as much as I can

I’ll make a list of documentations that need review soon and expose them here. I’ve given updates on the developer mailing list but nobody gave feedback so far, but I hope the AOSL documentation will help a lot of potential tool maker understand how to benefit from it.

Welcome to the Art Of Sequence project website!

Hi, my name is Joël (aka Klaim) and this is the first official post about this project on this brand new website.

(I made this logo, please be indulgent…)

As a short introduction, I’m the main and unique developer of this huge project and I decided to pause the project development for some time to setup this website and some other documentations. My current objective is to allow people to take knowledge of this project and ease participation and contributions.

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